Here we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our clients for the trust they have been placing in us since the last 15 years.
Based on the principles we have adopted and the support and appreciation we have so far received, we are full of confidence that our organisation will continue to develop and grow enabling us to achieve our national professional aspirations.


AAA was established in 2007 by our founder MR. ANAND KHANNA who had a vision. It was 10 create a large and leading pharmaceutical company. He believed only hard work would make this a reality and wanted to leave a legacy for future generations. Today AAA is a success story built on shared values and ambitions. Known and recognized for quality products in the industry, AAA has grown substantially over the years. Many leading corporate hospitals trust AAA products.

Our Products

We have a diverse portfolio of products in Critical Care (ICU Brands), Systemic Antifungals, Unique Products, Antibiotics-Injectables.

Geographical Expansion

From modest beginnings in North India, AAA is now present across India:-

  1. Kerala Tamil Nadu And Punjab

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  2. Uttar Pradesh

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  3. Gujarat And Madhya Pradesh

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  4. Assam

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  5. Bihar And Jharkhand

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  6. Madhya Pradesh

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  7. Chhattisgarh

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  8. Odisha And West Bengal

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  9. North India Operations

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Anand Khanna

Success is an amalgamation of agility, adaptability & alignment. True progress is to roar forward fearlessly using these three principles. “I conceptualized a venture with a vision to never compromise on AAA’ standard of life-saving drugs.”

Our Vision

Equipping all healthcare providers with a distinguished pharmaceutical range.

Our Mission

Our mission gives us a sense of direction. It captures our aspirations of being the best in everything we do. It is the basis for what we all stand for as one company, Our mission and our values guide the choices and decisions our employees make every day.

“Our Priority Is Quality Patient Care”

Our Culture

Everything we do at AAA Pharma is focused on three things:
  • Agility
  • Adaptability
  • Alignment

Our Products

We have a diverse portfolio of products in Critical Care (ICU Brands), Systemic Antifungals, Unique Products, Antibiotics – Injectables.

Our Merits

1. First to launch IV Paracetamol in India (2009) – IVIPARA
2. First to launch Magaesium Orotate in tablet form (2014) – MAGNORATE
3. Second in India to launch –

  • CALCITO-S (Calcitonin (Salmon) Inj 100 i.u/1 ml)
  • CARDIAZEM (Diltiazem Hel Inj 5 ml)
  • TOBRAMIX (Tobramycin inhalation Solution 5 ml)

4. Adherence to stringent ethical standards
5. 24/7 Availability

Our Manufacturing Unit

Headquartered in New Delhi, India, with the state of the art “WHO-GMP” certified manufacturing units in Poanta Sahib (H.P.) and Haridwar, Uttarakhand, AAA Pharma has built a reputation for excellence in high quality products and timely deliveries.

Our Quality Policy

AAA Pharma believes in producing only best quality medicines. Our company is committed to ISO:9001:2008 and also holds a GLP Certificate.